Proper Polymers manufactures industry leading injection molded plastic components and assemblies for automotive interior and exterior trim.  In addition to a number of non-automotive applications.

Whether your product is highly visible, decorative application or structural and functional component or assembly, we have the experience and technology to deliver exact requirements.

The drive to higher standards for automotive interiors is what brings customers to Proper Polymers.  Our experience with doors, consoles, instrument panels, garnish trim, pillars, and overhead systems, provide a versatility that is difficult to find.

Automotive exteriors is a broad product category that includes highly visible Class A components, as well as functional components requiring a high degree of structural integrity.  Our customers know if they can rely on Proper Polymers depth of knowledge to execute program deliverables year after year.

Injection Molding for non-automotive application covers a broad spectrum of product application and their unique challenges.  We are able to leverage our engineering tooling and technologies to consolidate assemblies through 2 shot applications and streamline assembly operations.